The Phoenix Leadership Project


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“I had a fantastic time at conference! I felt so comfortable exploring new aspects of myself that I hadn’t ever before in such a public environment. Thank you, for an awesome time, irreplaceable memories and all the new relationships formed!” –  Lyle

"This community is built out of such incredible, diverse, and inspiring leaders and I'm so honoured to be part of it." - Kevin

"They have created a family, a revolution, and a new way of life that allows young individuals like myself to truly grow and mature, allowing me to go further than I ever have before." - Ashoke

"If you're looking for a happy place to become a better version of yourself, you've found it." - Marley

“Conference allowed me to become a lot more aware of the impact my words have. I have an increased understanding of my impact and how I can make a difference. I've learned to accept the differences of group members. Being in a session group of such diversity has taught me how to respect others’ opinions.” – Chloe