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While it’s been almost a month since we left for The Phoenix Leadership Conference, we still can’t stop screaming “YAAAAAS,” cheering about horsies, or telling everyone we know about how Thousand Island dressing is the best condiment for Rotisserie Raccoon.


Those four days may have gone by in the blink of an eye, but we have so many wonderful pictures and memories to remind us of the incredible weekend that made us better leaders. Now it may be hard to pick and choose the absolute best memories from the weekend (because let’s be honest, every moment of that weekend was the best moment), these were some of our favourite memories and moments from PLC 2017!
  1. Getting off the Bus




There are few things as spectacular (and a little overwhelming) as getting off the bus. Builders screaming, everyone cheering, and getting high fives from a row of strangers that would soon become some of your closest friends. From those first steps, we could tell we had a bunch of superpeople on our hands! We saw that everyone was ready to jump into this experience with two feet and create the best weekend possible.
  1. Talent Show




Getting up and performing isn’t an easy feat – or so we thought! This year, we got to witness some incredible acts – everything from booty-shaking dancers (thanks, Ashoke) to amazing artists to sensational singers. Not only was it a great reminder of how PHabulousluy talented our Pham is, but the best part was watching this group of leaders work up the courage to try something scary and perform for an audience – some for the first time.


Most of all, we’ll remember the impromptu dance party acts, the mini-cheer off and of course, each and every “Standing O”. What a great way to end our Saturday night!
  1. The Cheer-Offs



Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good, old-fashioned cheering, but this weekend’s cheering was anything but old-fashioned! There was some serious competition, creativity, and spirit at each and every cheer-off throughout the weekend.


Groups decked out in their red, blue, and black apparel cheered their faces off about what Jaclyn was wearing, pretended to be Phoenixes, and created and performed intricate stomps as an entire unit. A big CAW-ngratulations to the Advocate unit for winning The Phoenix Spirit Cup this year. Better luck next time, Agents and LIT (we know you’re already preparing your cheers for next year’s takedown!)
  1. Becky G (feat. Pitbull)



We “Can’t Get Enough” of the Conference song this year! From morning to night, Becky G blasted through the dining hall, getting everyone up from their seats and dancing to the beat (even if they weren’t done eating yet – that shows dedication)!


Watching the infectious spirit of Becky G fill the room really made the Conference spirit something tangible and meaningful. We truly felt the fuego (fire) all weekend long!
  1. Camp Fire



This was probably our most profound and meaningful moment of the entire weekend. Listening to everyone read all the “If You Really Knew Me’s” that were written and posted on the wall over the weekend was something so special because it truly united us as a group. Ending the campfire with the burning of the IYRKM box, Ryan Grossman on the guitar, and a bedtime story from Papa D created a perfect end to a perfect evening and perfect weekend!


While there are so many more incredible experiences (including, but not limited to, all of them), we cannot possibly list each and every one. What were your favourite experiences from the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


We are so happy that we were able to extend our Flock this year and include all of our new phriends and phamily in this wonderful experience. Speaking of the Phoenix Pham, we hope you all come and hang out with us at our PLP Pool Party on June 24th! Can’t wait to see you there!


BYORR (Bring your own Rotisserie Raccoon)
Until next time,
The Phoenix Pham

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