6 Ways to De-stress this Summer

Ah summer! A perfect time to:
Sing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” on repeat until September
Chase after every ice cream truck you see screaming, “I love your work!”
Play video games in an air-conditioned space
Relax and rejuvenate after a difficult school year.


Now we know that everyone has their own strategies to power down and recharge before the final days of summer encroach on the fun, and we know we’ve given you some tips to recharge before, but we thought we would give you some ideas that would turn up the fun and turn up the sun! Here are our top six ways to recuperate over the summer holidays!
  1. Enjoy the Outdoors
Pretend you’re Giselle from Enchanted and go outside like you’ve never experienced anything more exciting! Sing with some birds, make friends with some vermin…okay so maybe don’t take this metaphor too seriously, but definitely frolic in the summer sun, Disney princess-style. Not only it is a great time of year to enjoy the temperature, but also the sun provides you with lots of Vitamin D, which will protect you from harmful diseases and boost your mood. There’s a reason we sing so many songs about the sun!
  1. Take up a Hobby
With all the schoolwork out of the way, summer is a great time to take on a hobby. Whether it’s gardening, joining a sports team, getting to the golf course, or just doing yoga in the park once a week, there are so many amazing places to go and many amazing things to see in your own backyard. By changing up your usual routine, you may find new and interesting ways to combat stress that you can take into the school year ahead. Who knows, you may even spark a new passion!
  1. Do something fun
There are so many incredible events right in your own backyard that will facilitate an amazing summer and help you say “bye-bye” to the year-round blues. Check out some food festivals near you, an event with a big old slip n’ slide, look into some local summer concerts, or see a cool play! Psssst! If you live in Toronto, here’s a comprehensive list of all the amazing things to do this summer!
  1. Do something fun (indoor edition)
Now summer isn’t just about spending time outside or playing sports. There are a lot of great indoor activities that you probably did not have time to do throughout the year, and are a great way to escape the summer heat via air conditioning. Let out your inner rage at a rage room (which allows you to de-stress through smashing all the glassware you want), use your problem-soling skills in an escape room (because nothing says de-stress like decoding a murder), or get active via indoor playground (try pursuit OCR). These indoor spaces will challenge you both mentally and physically, plus they will keep you cool and collected until Labour Day rolls around.
  1. Get reacquainted with your Summer Friends
Hanging out with your school friends all year long can be exhausting – especially if all you talk about is school related problems! Summer can be a great time to escape your normal friend group that you see all the time, and give you the opportunity to see all those friends that you never get to see. A change in scenery can be healthy for the brain (and ensure that you get the mental break you need). Sometimes, people in our lives can be our greatest stressor, but we may not notice how stressed we are until we remove ourselves from the situation. By allowing some change to your everyday routine, you create the opportunity for some well-received fun with a whole new crew.
  1. Have a BBQ
Nothing says summer like a BBQ – the delicious burgers, the chilled-out environment and the chance to catch up with some friends. The more we get outside, the more we can take advantage of all the Vitamin D up in the sky. Eating outdoors amongst the trees and nature may help calm the nerves and help us lead a healthier life.


So what are you waiting for, Pham? Get out there this summer and take advantage of these next couple of months. We all know how quickly summer can fly by, so don’t wait – get out there and de-stress the summer way! What are some of your favourite ways to chill out during the summer? Let us know in the comments below!


Until then, we will be enjoying the great outdoors, sipping on some summer smoothies, and getting out tan on (with lots of SPF of course!)



Sunnily yours,
The Phoenix Team

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