PLP’s Favourite Studying Tips

October is a month that brings us mixed feelings. On the one hand, you have changing leaves, sweater weather, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (if you’re into that sort of thing). On the other hand, you have the burden of harder test and assignments, and even mid term exams (if you’re into that sort of thing). Now instead of reading Buzzfeed articles about what exam time feels like, or making pizza from scratch to avoid doing work, check out some useful and creative study tips from our own PLP community. These tips are straight from the bird’s mouth, and have been tested by some incredible leaders!


  1. Turn off your Tech

“Getting off Facebook (I’ve heard) is effective! Or more generally, just unplugging from social media for a bit is super helpful in actually get stuff done” – Marley Greenberg
“There are some apps like Cold Turkey you can download on your laptop to block specific sites for a certain period of time. I also like just turning off all notifications on my phone” – Parnika Sharma




  1. Location, Location, Location!

“I think that finding a good study space is essential: somewhere not too distracting, but also where you won’t fall asleep! (I like to study outside in a park for example, because I tend to fall asleep in my bed!)” – Mel Seabrook


“Studying in weird location is pretty affective! It sounds odd, but being in a new environment helps you recall what you learned better” – Cassie Cowan


“Don’t study in your bed!! Naps are tempting!!” – Olivia Kulback


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  1. Make some (white) Noise

“I usually use white noise from YouTube to focus! it really drowns out the rest of the world and allows me to focus on my work” – Rachel Lloyd


  1. Study for your Learning Style

“Being a kinesthetic and musical-linguistic learner, I’ve had to find unique ways to study to keep information in my brain. I find creating actions, songs, and mnemonic devices help me retain and recall information that is typically dry or concepts that are difficult to comprehend!” – Erica Seetner


“For stuff that’s very content-based, I record myself reading my notes and then I go take a walk in the forest by my house as I listen to them! Even just reading them aloud really helps if you’re an auditory learner like moi!” – Jillian Prins


  1. Study with Purpose

“If you study to remember, you will forget, but if you study to understand, you will remember” – Don Pan


“Set an objective and stick with it. There’s no point in carving out several hours of your day to study if you don’t know what you want to achieve in that time. It will just breed procrastination. Align your studying to goals and objectives, not hours you can study.” – Nathan Elias
“I like to make lists of all my readings, quizzes and other homework. That way, when something is done, I get to take it off the list. It’s a good feeling seeing your list get smaller and smaller and it motivates you to continue to study” – Pauline Kashtelyan
“Plan out in advance what you’re going to study and for how long. That way, you can stick to your plan and feel good once you hit those checkpoints.” – Ashoke Mohanraj


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  1. Be Organized

“Something that I find really helpful is first making sure that I’m 100% organized. That way I know exactly what needs to get done and I can then prioritize and ensure that each task has an adequate amount of time. I’ll typically make a to do list that breaks down each task into manageable chunks. I find that “write essay” is an overwhelming task, but “start research, write the introduction, edit, etc.” are much more realistic and manageable. I then transfer these different tasks into my agenda so that I know when I need to complete each goal.” – Jaclyn Grossman


“I like to start off by being organized, it helps to have all the materials, documents and what not in one place so you don’t have an excuse to get up and look for stuff” – Ashoke


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What are some of your favourite study tips? Let us know in the comment section below!
Until then, try out some of these tips and see what you think! You can thank us for the A+ later…
Happy studying!
The Phoenix Pham!

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