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"Out of all the camps I've ever been to, this one has by far given me the most knowledge and skills that I can take into my everyday life. Conference showed me that's it's okay to be open and different, no matter what surrounds you.
It showed me that in doing so I can be who I want to be" – Bella

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You are a high school student who’s looking for an opportunity to advance your leadership skills, grow personally, and open yourself to new ideas and environments. The Agents program allows you to explore topics in leadership, such as communication and public speaking, conflict resolution, and time management as well as hot button issues like self care, mental health, and crisis management. Get ready to join an incredible community of leaders for a fantastic weekend of learning and self discovery.

You already experienced Conference as an Agent and you just "can't get enough"! You are still in high school, and are looking for an opportunity to further develop your already established leadership ability. Through group workshops, discussion sessions, and keynote speakers, Advocates are immersed in advance leadership training throughout the Conference weekend. The Advocate community of diverse and experienced leaders challenge participants to gain a better understanding of themselves as leaders and individuals.

You are 18-25 and are looking for the next challenge to continue developing as a leader and individual. LIT explore topics in leadership such as team management, creative problem solving, collaborative leadership, and public speaking. Throughout the Conference weekend, LIT have a unique opportunity to take on leadership roles by leading both large and small group activities and discussions, through which they will receive mentorship from our leadership team. LIT also have the opportunity to delve into and learn about various social issues during the Conference. After the weekend, all LIT participants receive direct feedback from our team and are guaranteed an interview for a leadership role the following year.

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