“I love love loved the experience I had at conference. I feel that I have gained knowledge in handling difficult situations, communicating clearly with others and working together as a team. The entire PLP team is incredible and I am extremely grateful and thankful to have been a part of something so great!– Anuva

“If you've never heard of PLP, ask someone who's been and they'll say it is life changing. But what does that mean? There are moments in ones life that provide clarity, people call them all sorts of things from epiphanies to revelations to discovering oneself. In these moment s we don't discover something completely new and unheard of, we simply go from knowing something to truly understanding something. Being good to people, showing kindness where there is none and thinking deeply about the lives we lead are all things you'll UNDERSTAND instead of KNOW after PLP. PLP gives people a chance to learn what they could never learn from school or a textbook. PLP teaches people how to live life as the best version of themselves and become a better person. PLP is the class we never had, Life 101.” – Mingze

“Attending the Phoenix Leadership Conference was a life changing experience. It was a fun, safe and insightful environment. I learned so many different things about myself and took away countless life lessons. It introduced me to so many new and amazing people.” – Kit

"For a whole weekend, I was completely out of my comfort zone. The minute I let go of the fear of new people, the more comfortable I felt. Conference is life changing. It does this because it challenges you to meet apart of yourself that you may have buried. It allows you to be yourself and be confident in your leadership ability. Conference believes in you, even if you don't already believe in yourself." – Chantel

“After attending many leadership conferences throughout York region, PLP was truly indescribable and life changing. Conference is a different experience for everyone. It is a place that encourages personal growth, leadership, and opportunities to make a new family of friends. PLP was filled with so many beautiful people who simply cared for you and appreciated you for being YOU. There were no past impressions, no judgement, no negative vibes just happiness and joy. The 4-day conference was all about taking chances, shaking off any nerves, and having conversations with as many people as you could. I am so so grateful to have been part of this amazing experience!” – Roxana

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