Jaclyn Grossman

         Founder & Executive Director

Cropped Jaclyn

Jaclyn is the Founder and Creator of The Phoenix Leadership Project and can’t wait to bring her skills and experience to this new, exciting challenge! Since high school, Jaclyn has been participating in and facilitating over a dozen leadership conferences. By her final year of high school, she was leading two major conferences in one year – one for her school and one for her school district. Moving on from traditional leadership, Jaclyn studied Opera at the University of Ottawa, where she received multiple awards throughout her post-secondary education for leadership, and became the President of the Music Student’s Union. Following completing her degree, Jaclyn sought to start a new leadership program in partnership with Count Me In where she built and created their Leadership Summit. After two successful years running that program, she has decided to branch out on her own with the support of her former team to create The Phoenix Leadership Project. Jaclyn is currently doing her Masters in Voice and Opera at McGill University. When she's not working and volunteering in the leadership world you can find Jaclyn performing opera and teaching music.