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“It is hard for me to put into just a few words the tremendous impact that attending the Phoenix Leadership Conference (PLC) has had on my daughter. She returned from conference filled with joy and with a permanent ear-to-ear smile glued to her face! PLC provided her with a safe, fun and welcoming environment that developed her empathy and passion for helping others, gave her a renewed sense of confidence, and allowed her to grow as a leader and as an individual. Simply put, PLC made her a stronger, happier person who is ready to take on any challenge life brings her way.” – Dana Greenberg


Conflict resolution and stress management

Communication and public speaking


How to empathize with others

Time management

How to manage a team

Mental health and self care

Leadership and communication styles

Self awareness

Access to PLP's alumni network of global student leaders

15 high school volunteer hours

Access to community-based volunteer opportunities and scholarships

What participants are saying about conference...

94% of participants are more likely to volunteer after Conference

100% of participants felt they experienced growth as leaders both personally and professionally

94% of participants feel they learned more about mental health and self care

94% of participants say they now have a better understanding of how to manage conflict

“The Phoenix Leadership Project gave my daughters a chance to meet other student leaders, develop their leadership skills and become more socially conscious and aware. Through the conference programming and workshops, I have seen a marked increase in their ability to handle stress, problem solving and empathy for others.” – Parul & Arvind Sharma

“My daughter had a great time - very positive atmosphere. She came home feeling good about

herself and empowered.” – Robyn Dodge

“My daughter came back tired but glowing, inspired and excited to share her experiences.” – Sara Dimerman

“My daughter came back much more talkative. She went on and on about everything that happened. Her first words were "can I go again next year?" This is huge, since my daughter is generally a social recluse.”