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Workshop 6: De-Stress Bootcamp




Did you know that exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make you happy? It is important to take some time and de-stress when the going gets tough in school, so join the PLP Pham in our De-stress Bootcamp! With the help of some fabulous fitness, yoga, and dance instructors in our community, we will learn some butt-kicking moves and ways to find inner peace during the stressful hurricane that is exam season. So come sweat, smile, and shake your stress away!


How to Nail Your Next Interview


Gain the skills to get your dream job! The Phoenix Leadership Project is hosting a comprehensive, intimate workshop where you will have access to professional resume writing, mock interviews, tips for excellent interview preparation, and even a professional headshot to complete your new profile. So join us if you want to ace your next interview and slay your next resume!



The Phoenix Leadership Project is excited to support the Toronto Youth Cabinet in their campaign to have Financial Literacy taught in schools. Their goal is to help high school students gain basic financial understanding like how to get a credit card, how apply for a line of credit, or understand how a mortgage works (basically the life skills no one teaches you, but you really need to know!) Click here to learn more and sign their petition! For more information about their programming, stay tuned for our Financial Literacy workshop in the new year!

FREE Financial Literacy Workshop


Do you zone out when your parents talk about paying for school or getting a credit card? Do you think to yourself "I probably shouldn't zone out when my parents talk about paying for school or getting a credit card?" Are you tired of Googling every question you have about money? So are we! That's why we're teaming up to host a Financial Literacy Workshop!! We'll be covering everything from creating a budget, which bank is right for you, funding your education, making big purchases, and how a credit card works (pro tip: it's not a magical card that creates money out of thin air). So join us on Sunday, January 29th to learn a little more and gain a lot (of money)*.


* We will not be giving out any money. That's the money you will be saving from learning."


IMPROV(e) Your Public Speaking & Communication Skills!


Want to improve your public speaking and communication skills in a fun and exciting way?

Improv is a great way to become an effective leader in the real world. You'll learn to think quickly on your feet, communicate in even the most difficult (and wacky) situations, and feel confident speaking in front of anyone!




Become a conflict resolution master!



Join us on Sunday October 30th to learn everything there is to know on solving conflicts in a group and effectively working with a team. Through a combination of breakout activities, group discussions, and leadership simulation, we'll help you explore different ways in which you can work with others to turn conflict situations into positive learning experiences. Whether you need to tackle a group project, get along with others in the workplace, or just fine tune your leadership and management skills, this is the workshop for you!




 If your goal is to get better grades, to get (and stay) organized throughout the year, to prepare for university or even if you just want a knowledge super boost about all things organization so that you can absolutely ROCK this upcoming school year - come on out to our FIRST WORKSHOP EVER.
This workshop will include breakout groups, strategy sessions, live organization demonstrations and a panel of supremely knowledgeable people, here just to talk to you!
Most importantly it’s another time, another day, and another way to get together with the awesome Phoenix Pham (Fam**). Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from and with some of the best people we know!"